About RAW Stones

By Jules Kessels

About RAW Stones

My name is Jules Kessels. I was born and raised in the rural outskirts of the Limburg castle village Baarlo, where both our family farm and home decoration shop ‘Hoeve Hofackers’ are located. As a child I liked to help my parents in the shop, which could be the reason why interior design is in my blood. After school I almost immediately put my first steps in interior design, followed by the launch of a special interior brand. Together with my business partner I was able to develop this brand successfully. These were great times with even greater memories.

Being a creative person I like to work with my hands. Next to that I am always interested in opportunities to expand my creativity and create something special. From this perspective my RAW Stones brand was born. Starting in 2016, RAW Stones has expanded enormously as a brand consumers, architects and stylists, both in the Netherlands and abroad, are asking for. Or they prescribe our brand in projects. Together with our team we now concentrate on bringing our products to perfection, leading to a further growth of RAW Stones in our markets.

I am very proud of our RAW Stones brand and our enthusiastic dealers as well. In their shops and showrooms you can experience the unique atmosphere of our brand and enjoy the craftsmanship of our dealers. I am happy to invite you to have a further look on our website, where you will find more inspiration than I can convey with my words and enthusiasm.

Hva gjør RAW Stones så unikt?

For det første består sammensetningen av naturlige og bærkraftige materialer somsikrer et veldig holdbart gulv som du kan glede deg over i mange år.

Videre er RAW Stones gulv veldig enkle å vedlikeholde og spesielt egnet for kommersielle områder, inne og utenførs. Takket være den minimale tykkelsen på kun 8mm er bruk av gulvvarme velegnet. Sammensetningen av RAW Stones leder varme på en utmerket måte. RAW Stones kan i tillegg legges på alle typer underlag, også tregulv.


RAW Stones er tilgjengelig i disse typene: ‘Terpstra’s’, ‘Abbey’s (XXL)’ , ‘Waaltjes’ and ‘Triple & Trapist’.

Raw Stones kan leveres med et spesielt topp belegg, som gjør gulvet veldig godt egnet for bad og velværeområder.

Produksjonsprosessen er ekte håndverk, slik at vi kan levere tilpassede arbeiter og gulv laget helt etter din smak. På denne måten får du et unikt og personlig gulv med et karakteristisk og varmt utseende i hjemmet eller på arbeidsplassen.


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Send oss en e-post: info@rawstones.no